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Archive for August 2015

Benefits of Owning a Condo

Benefits of Owning a Condo When a person is deciding where to live in Florida, he or she is presented with many options. From beachfront properties to homes on multiple acres of land, there’s something for everyone, at least everyone who loves sunshine and nice weather. One popular option in FL is to live in…

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The Jewel of Florida is Naples

The Jewel of Florida is Naples In 1880, John Stuart Williams founded Naples with the help of his business partner Walter N. Haldeman. Williams was a former confederate general and a state senator for Kentucky. Haldeman published the Louisville Courier-Journal. The city got its name from its similarity to the beauty of the bay of…

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Gulf Coast Living Is a Desirable Choice

Gulf Coast Living Is a Desirable Choice For numerous working people, particularly those who live in northern climates and suffer through long, grey winters, the dream of enjoying life in a warm and sunny locale adjacent to a beautiful body of water is a very real desire. Whether that dream involves a seasonal getaway experience…

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Tips For Selling a Condo in Naples

Selling a condo in Naples, Florida is no different than selling a home in any other part of the country with the exception that many buyers want seasonal homes in the area. For condo owners, a seasonal home market is better for making a sale because there’s a much larger pool of people who will invest in…

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