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Archive for August 2008

Naples Beachfront OK after Fay

Tropical storm Fay was hardly gentle, criss-crossing Florida and dropping feet of rain in some areas, but the Park Shore and Moorings developments experienced little more than a few hours of tropical storm force winds. In fact, twelve hours after landfall, the legacy of Fay on the Naples beachfront had been reduced to choppy surf,…

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Property pictures

Pictures! As promised, the NaplesMoorings.com and NaplesParkShore.com websites are finally going to showcase the updated paint schemes and new renovations of our beachfront condominiums here in Naples. Of course, this process is still in the early stages and is currently competing with updates to the condo information, which are not quite halfway finished. Nevertheless, we…

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Information now, pictures to follow

The condominium pages at NaplesMoorings.com and NaplesParkShore.com are gradually getting filled up with all-new reliable information. In fact, approximately half of all condo pages, including those of Park Shore buildings and those of the southern Moorings, have been thoroughly updated. Want proof? Here’s a look at the old Indies West page, and here is a…

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