Bigger not always best

You heard it here first: the 12 bedroom mansion is on the way out, and the 300 square-foot cottage is taking its place! All right, so maybe that’s a bit extreme. But as this article in the Naples Daily News points out, some now argue against the absolute merits of the square foot. Smaller homes have many advantages for the family of two or three, especially when it comes to saving money.

However, thinking smaller can be good for the affluent as well as those on tight budgets. Especially if the location is excellent. Someplace warm and sunny… a nice, cozy beachfront residence on the shores of sunny Naples, Florida, perhaps? Alright, so that was shameless, but nevertheless it is good to keep an open mind when it comes to house size. Smaller houses are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, and of course, having a small house in the right place is a whole lot better than living a big house just someplace.

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