Buyers, get ready…

There’s no hiding it: around the nation, the real estate slump continues. While certainly bad news for most of us, to prospective buyers it couldn’t be better: with home prices lower than they have been in several years, we are fast approaching the perfect time to make a lasting real estate investment!

And that’s not just marketing talk. According to this article in the Naples Daily News, the national real estate market statistics for the month of February give reason to believe that we may be approaching a turnaround by the end of the year. Furthermore, in the Naples and Fort Myers areas it seems that home prices may already be nearing something of an equilibrium. As Sherry Haas, president of the Bonita-Estero Board of Realtors, explains:

“The real estate offices…are not willing to take on listings that are not realistic. You have it priced to sell. This is all encouraging.”

While the article mostly cites statistics for single-family home sales, rest assured that the market for beachfront condominiums in Naples has also been dramatically affected. Check out some “priced-to-sell” units at Also, drop Larry Roorda a line to get the inside scoop on recent Naples market movements!