Choosing Your New Home

Now that you have determined the town and neighborhood that you want to live in, it is time to choose what your ideal home would be. Knowing the features you want, your real estate agent can use his tools and resources to find homes that meet your specifications. While hunting for your house, it may be helpful to keep track of what you like and don’t like of each home you see for comparing later on. It wouldn’t hurt to have a digital camera as well. It can be difficult to recall the details of all the homes you have seen.

Your real estate agent will be able to find out the financial details of the home. This information includes the previous year’s property taxes, local assessments, and home owner’s association dues. On, we have some helpful information about property taxes in the Collier County area of Naples, Florida. Also, your real estate agent can provide you with a comparative market analysis to help determine how the asking price of the home compares with others for sale in the surrounding area.

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