Health Benefits Of Living In A Beachfront Condo

Health Benefits Of Living In A Beachfront Condo

Living near the ocean in one of the beautiful beachfront condos in Naples just might do wonders for improving one’s health.  In addition to all the exciting attractions in the area, including national parks, sanctuaries, shopping districts and theatres, the beaches in Naples are gorgeous and pristine.  A beachfront condo means a stunning view of the ocean every morning and sunset and perhaps a relaxing dip before bedtime.

Mental benefits

Many studies have shown that simply looking at the ocean can improve one’s mood and increase one’s overall feeling of well-being.  For many people, the vast expanse of ocean induces a sense of meditative calmness that can significantly reduce stress.  In addition, the sounds of the ocean waves tend to be immensely soothing and soundtracks are even used in some forms of therapy and during relaxing yoga sessions.

Ocean spray contains negative ions that help balance serotonin and improve feelings of depression.  While spending time near the ocean, the vitamin D from the rays of the sun increases endorphins, which increase feelings of happiness and help alleviate feelings of pain and stress.

Physical benefits

Regularly taking a dip in the ocean has many physical benefits.  The ocean is loaded with healthy salt and minerals that improve the quality of one’s skin.  The salt water is rich in healthy magnesium and also helps detoxify the body.  Salt water is antibacterial and helps prevent skin infections.  It has healing properties that help clean out sores and encourage healing.  It also does wonders for diminishing scars and improving the elasticity of skin.  Ocean water is anti-aging and cleans out pores.  It also works as an effective shampoo by exfoliating the scalp and removing oil and dandruff.  Taking a regular dip in the ocean is a perfect beauty regimen.

In addition to improving one’s health and appearance, the ocean also helps clear out nasal passage ways, which many allergy sufferers are likely to appreciate.  Taking a swim is in the ocean is effective for this or simply using a nasal irrigation tool or pot to manually flush out the excess mucus with pure salt water from the ocean.

People who live near the ocean also tend to be more fit perhaps because they tend to enjoy more physical activities like swimming.  Swimming is a wonderfully healthy exercise that can burn over 400 calories an hour.  Studies have shown that simply living near the ocean encourages physical activity.

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