How well do you know your insurance?

Whether you live in an area that experiences earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, or frequent golf-ball-size hail, it is probably a good idea to be aware of the limits of your insurance policy.
Turns out, many people are not. At least, according to this article in the Naples Daily News:

A survey by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has found that many people believe their homeowners’ insurance covers losses that are not, in fact, covered.

For example,

33 percent of the heads of household who have homeowners’ insurance incorrectly believe that damage from a flood would be covered by their policies …. 68 percent believe vehicles stolen from or damaged on their property are covered [and] 51 percent think their policy covers damage from a break in the main water line outside their houses

Depending on the location of your home in Naples, flood insurance may be something to consider. In general, the article suggests contacting your insurance provider to come up with a plan suitable to your needs. Obviously. But the matter is a serious one, and it appears that a majority of homeowners are in the dark about some aspects of their policy.

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