Hurricane Planning Part 3: Securing Property

In the event of a hurricane, as with any disaster, preventing injury and loss of life is of primary importance. Of course, preservation of personal property is invariably the second concern. Regardless of whether or not you plan to be home, it is a good idea to have a reliable plan in place should your residence be subject to high winds and possibly flooding.

Protecting windows is very important. Permanent shutters are the best, but if they are not an option boarding with plywood can be effective. Click here for a short list of precautions. More helpful, perhaps, are these comprehensive articles addressing many aspects of protection against wind. Keep in mind that some of these precautions may be overkill for weaker storms.

For boat owners, an excellent hurricane resource exists at In addition to tips for boat owners, this site also has a very easy-to-navigate hurricane tracking center. If you own a boat, you can learn a lot from this and other web sites. Also, find out from local Naples boat clubs how they have dealt with past hurricanes.

While Naples, FL residents have generally been fortunate in regard
to home damage, it is still wise to be aware of potential property-saving strategies. Spending some time and effort preparing your home for a storm will leave you with time to focus on more important things, like family and friends, during an emergency.

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