Hurricane Planning Part 4: Important Documents

We have already discussed several ways to protect yourself and your property in times of hurricane emergency. But what if other parties, like local police and government disaster agencies, become involved?

It is important to carry two pieces of identification, a picture ID and one of the following: a utility bill, homeowners or business insurance document, tax bill, or some other form that contains both your name and place of residence. If a mandatory evacuation is issued, identification such as this may be required for re-entering your neighborhood (this measure helps keep evacuated areas safe from looting or other crimes).

Other items that may be of use include insurance information, like contact information, policy numbers, and coverage information. Also, a personal phone book could be very handy. If numbers are stored in a cell phone, be sure to write down important numbers before your battery runs out. Finally, take any other important documents that may be specific to your situation.

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