Local golfer finally fulfills his dream

Naples native George McNeill just won his first PGA Tour event, good for $720,000. That puts him at 59th on the money list with over $1.4 million in earnings this year – not bad for a rookie. At the very least, McNeill won’t have to go back to PGA Tour Q-School next year, which he had failed eight out of nine times. He also won’t have to return to the fifteen-dollar-an-hour assistant professional’s job at The Forest Country Club in south Fort Myers. That’s exactly where McNeill was just one year ago, staffing the golf shop full-time and working hard after hours to improve his game.

Finally, at age 32, he can say he’s broken into the big time. It’s quite the inspirational story, and who’s to say it’s not one plot twist away from a major motion picture? With a little literary license, maybe it could compete with this current local offering.

Click here to read the Naples Daily News article about George McNeill’s rousing victory.

“Eons,” said McNeill, when asked to compare working as an assistant pro to winning for the first time on the PGA Tour. “It’s nice to fulfill a dream. Hopefully, I will fulfill even more dreams.”

Got any golfing dreams of your own? Perhaps you’ve heard: Naples has some serious year-round golf facilities. Maybe it’s time to live here!