Luxury Living With Your Own Garden Room

Luxury Living With Your Own Garden Room

Studies have shown that spending time in nature has a positive affect on moods and your outlook on life. But you probably didn’t need a study to tell you that looking at pretty flowers and bright green shrubbery is pleasant and makes you feel good. What you may not realize, however, is how easy it can be to make your home bloom year-round by growing a garden room. When looking at luxury houses for sale in Naples, try to envision it with your own attached garden room.

What is a Garden Room?

A garden room is a space dedicated to growing living things. The garden room can be indoors or out, but it has a well-defined area that is accessible, spacious enough to move around in, and has at least one seating area. The difference between a garden room and something like a hot house is that a garden room is meant to be used as an oasis; not a place where work is done, but a place where rest is taken.

How to Grow a Garden Room

The nice thing about a garden room is that it can be grown from seeds, seedlings, or from more mature plants. You can grow your garden room slowly, over time, or you can grow a garden room faster by purchasing plants from a nursery.

Choosing the Location For a Garden Room

The planning stage of designing a garden room is the most important. First, choose a space that receives plentiful light so the plants will thrive. If you already have a sun room or lanai, you’ve already got the perfect spot for a garden room. The second consideration is making sure there is a water source close by. This will make it easier for you to water the plants. Consider locating an outdoor garden room near an outdoor spigot. The garden room should be easy to get to. If you have to trek all the way across the lawn to reach the garden room, you may be less inclined to use it. Finally, choose an area where you have privacy in the garden room. If you don’t have a spot like that, you can create privacy by erecting trellis walls and training vines to cover the trellis. You could also hire a landscaper to install mature hedges around the perimeter of your garden room.

Adding Features to Your Garden Room

A garden room doesn’t have to be entirely made up of plants. You can add features that will add interest and ambience to the area. A stone bench, widely sold at big box hardware stores for less than $100, makes a charming seating area when surrounded by fragrant flowering plants. A solar-powered water fountain, also available at hardware stores in the nursery section, makes a vibrant addition to any garden room. Other decorative touches include wall art like temperature and barometer displays, tidal clocks and candle sconces.

Let your garden room be a place where you can go to relax and recharge any time you need it. The joy of being surrounded by nature isn’t something you need a scientist to tell you is a good thing.

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