Naples has big plans for future development

It’s no surprise that Naples, FL, is a booming community and that there are big plans for future growth.

We recently got some insight into future development plans from Collier County Planning Commission Chairman and Hearing Examiner Mark Strain. Here are some of the highlights.

Collier County includes 1,475,200 acres and less than 25% can be developed. Most of that area is in the northwest corner of the county. The rest is mostly conservation and preservation areas.

By the year 2040, there will be an estimated 292,000 housing units in Collier County, 3,153 new dwelling units a year. That’s a growth of more than 30%.

In 2018, there were 3,573 new housing units, including 2,560 multi-family and 1,013 single-family homes.

The county is seeing an increase in the number of apartment units being built. There are 4,331 units in process, an increase of 9% over last year and 35% increase over the current supply.

Commercial projects, however, were down 42% in 2018 over the previous year. There were 69 commercial projects last year and 119 the previous year. Several commercial projects last year were near the Park Shore and The Moorings, but the new planned communities are east of the area. Most of the property that can be developed in the area, already is.

That just makes the Park Shore and The Moorings area even more ideal and valuable. It’s an established area yet there is still commercial growth nearby to provide increased entertainment, dining and shopping options.

An $80 million sports park is also planned for Collier County to provide more sports and recreation opportunities. It will be near I75 and Collier Boulevard so it’s not right next door but close enough to watch a game.

There is also a lot of development already taking place along Immokalee Road, east and west of I75. There are many new projects planned for the area as well.

There are becoming fewer and fewer waterfront condominiums and single-family homes available in Collier County. If you want a waterfront view, now is the time to get it before it’s even more of a premium. Contact Realtor Larry Roorda to help you find your dream waterfront home today.