Naples Weather: Winter model unveiled!

Snowy coast of Lake Michigan in winter

It’s finally here, and just in time for our seasonal guests: cooler weather! With the forecast calling for sunny days and temperatures that will barely reach 80 degrees, it’s time to open up the windows, turn off the air conditioning, and get outside! That’s right – here in Naples it really is the best during the winter months; while the rest of the country shivers inside we bask in the most comfortable, sunniest days of the year. Golfing, boating, playing tennis, and relaxing at the beach are much more enjoyable in weather like this! Speaking of golf, it’s no coincidence that Naples’ golf courses are in top shape from November through March while courses elsewhere have to shut down.

By the way, notice how has a new interactive video weather forecast on its website (click the link above)? Right now we at, while eager to provide our reader(s) with pertinent information are, well, not in position to provide a review. Suffice to say it looks like the video weather program is far more than an afterthought by the editors of the Naples Daily News website.

So come on down from your frosty perch at some northern extreme of this country and see for yourself how good we have it. Maybe it’s time to think about a full-time gig here? Or maybe just a seasonal residence? At the very least you’ve got to spend a week! (Sorry, it’s just fun to plug through creative links.)