New Listing: Bay Shore Place #302

Bay Shore Place #302 for sale

As you can see, the view from Bay Shore Place #302 is gorgeous, a panorama of all things quintessentially Naples: the glittering bay, palms, and a bright blue sky!
But seriously, would it be alright to wake up to this each morning?

Bay Shore Place #302 can make that dream a reality, for less than you might guess. In fact, due recent trends in real estate, you could be the proud owner of this beachfront, bay-view property for just $650,000 (that’s a long way off the price for such a unit two years ago)! With three bedrooms, beautiful tile flooring, nine-foot ceilings, modern kitchen, and large balcony, Bay Shore Place #302 gives you instant luxury and puts you right in the middle of Naples, in a prime Park Shore location. And you’re right on the beach, of course

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