New Listing: Del Mar Club #505

Del Mar Club #505 for sale

Looking for an affordable residence located in the heart of Naples, FL, and right by the beach? At $435,000, Del Mar #505 could be a couple’s perfect getaway home. This is an interesting unit that may be of interest to buyers who would generally consider the Naples beachfront market out of their price range.
There is a bit of a catch, of course. The Del Mar Club is not a true waterfront condominium, and the view from #505 is, in all honesty, not a selling point (a nice beach view can be had by walking down the open breezeway).
But you get what you pay for, and with Del Mar #505 you’re paying for a completely up-to-date, fully furnished, ready-to-move-in seasonal home for many thousands less than you could hope to find on the beach or bay. See for yourself, in the photos. Kitchen, bedrooms, living room – the unit is ready when you are!

And one more thing: Del Mar Club #505 is being leased this season (Jan-Mar) and the owner during that time period will receive all income from the rental agreement. Think quickly!

Del Mar Club master bedroom Del Mar Club kitchen Del Mar Club guest bedroom

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