New Listing: Spindrift #62

Spindrift #62 for sale

A great opportunity may be at hand: located across the beach in the Naples Moorings, featuring a great sixth-story sunset view and new designer kitchen, Spindrift #62 has a lot to offer. Just check out the pictures! A spotless pool, plush white-carpeted living room, brand new kitchen appliances, a classy tiled balcony where you can watch every sunset…it all adds up. The cost does not, however. At only $550,000 this unit is very competitively priced, given its location and condition.

But of course, there is a catch: if, perchance, your tastes do not agree with the decor of the “flower room” (master bedroom), a little re-wallpapering may be in order (the rest of the residence IS well decorated with a thoughtful color scheme). But be warned – you could lose a fantastic conversation starter!

The kitchen - remodeled and refined! Spindrift pool Spindrift #62 living room

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