Planning To Buy A Naples Florida Home

One of the most important steps to buying a new home is planning. A proper plan helps guarantee that while searching for your dream home, you know the price range you are comfortable with or how much you can afford. This usually involves talking to lenders prior to searching for your home who can pre-qualify or pre-approve a mortgage for you. With this out of the way, you have the advantage of negotiating as a cash buyer.

How do you determine what you can aford? A lender will help you determine what kind of monthly payment fits in your budget. This mortgage calculator can provide estimates for monthly payments. Typically, your monthly mortgage payment should be less than 25% and 33% of your gross monthly income. From there, the lender can determine the mortgage amount for which you qualify. Factors involved include the term or length of the loan, the interest rate, property taxes, and hazard insurance for the property.

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