Preparing To Sell Your Home in Naples, Florida

Before placing your home on the market, you should follow a few simple steps to improve the marketability of your home. First, there is only one time to make a first impression, so you should prentend to be a potential buyer and do a walk-through of your home using the eyes of a potential buyer. Walk up the driveway and and examine your home looking closely at the details, everything that a potential buyer will notice. Take the time to correct these small details; it will be time well spent.


“Curb-appeal” makes a large difference in increasing the first impression of your home to potential buyers. Ensure your lawn and landscaping are the best they can be. Trim the lawn and remove garden tools and hoses from your yard. Replace or repair any broken tiles or bricks in your walkway and keep it clear. Do your flowerbeds need fresh mulch? How does the exterior of your house look? If necessary, power wash or put on a new coat of paint. The front door is just as important. Make sure that it is clean and looking like new. Consider adding a seasonal door decoration as an extra touch.


The interior of your home should be inviting. Lighting scented candles will help achieve this. If showing at night, turn on the lights for a welcoming lighted appearance. Another nice touch are fresh flowers. If necessary, touch up with fresh paint and make sure that the rooms are tidy and uncluttered.

All the bathrooms will need to be flawless. Repair caulking and grouting if necessary and remove any rust stains. Be sure tiles and porcelain are clean and that there is no soap film. Ignoring these details can imply neglect. Lighting a scented candle or pot pourri adds a nice touch as well.

The kitchen will need to be in pristine condition. Potential buyers will inspect the condition of the stove and oven. Be sure they are clean. Counter tops should remain clear and uncluttered to help instill an open feel. All appliances should be fully functional.

The general purpose is to clean and unclutter without re-decorating. Elbow grease will make a large difference to potential buyers. If ignored, these details and touches will likely be noticed by prospects. These details, if properly addressed, will ensure your home will be appealing, welcoming, and warm. Buyers will notice that it has been well maintained.