Real Estate, Naples, FL/In Love with Two Houses

So you’ve found two homes that you just love, and you can’t decide which one to make the offer on…read below and let me help you with this important decision! 

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“…Of course, you may not have the luxury of taking your time on deciding which house you’d like to pursue. You may be in a market in which homes in your price range get snatched up as quickly as they go on the market, perhaps even attracting multiple offers.

But in some situations, you may find yourself torn between two houses. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is take pen to paper and outline your family’s needs, your budget, and the pros and cons of each house.

Some things you’ll want to compare include:

The neighborhoods. If the two final contenders are in different neighborhoods, evaluate the pros and cons. If you have kids and being close to a park is important, you’ll want to consider that. How close are shopping, restaurants, church, and other services?”…