Selling a home in hurricane season

Selling a home in hurricane season in Naples, FL, does not have to be as worrisome as some might think. Either does buying a home. Yes, it’s hurricane season but it’s still a good time to buy and sell homes. Selling a home in hurricane season shouldn’t be intimidating.

Selling a home in hurricane season Naples, FLAlthough August and October have historically been the busiest months for storms, they’ve also been strong for home sales.

Buying or selling a home any time of the year can be a daunting experience, as long as you have qualified, experienced help and follow a few tips, it should be smooth sailing. Here are some tips to follow:

Keep an eye out for hurricane warnings

You need to look out for storms approaching. Once one is on its way, insurance companies may refuse to allow you to take out new insurance coverage or increase your existing policy, because of the inherent risk. This could result in a delay. It’s vital, therefore, that if a storm seems even remotely possible, that the home insurance is bound immediately.

If  a storm does come through the area, buyers should be sure to check the home to make sure there was no damage and that nothing has changed. Check with your Realtor to discuss any concerns you may have.

Throughout the season and during the time you are buying or selling a home, you’ll be in constant contact with your Realtor. Their expertise can help guide you through the entire process no matter the conditions. Make sure that you’ve selected a Realtor who knows the area very well and has lived there long enough to have first-hand experience.

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