Showing Your Home To Sell

Your real estate agent will market your home or property in several ways. It will be listed in the MLS computer system so that it is available to real estate agents who are searching for properties to show their buyers. Occasionally, your home will be included in a caravan where real estate agents will tour the home and the special features will be pointed out. Your real estate agent may contract someone to make a virtual tour of your property so it can be seen online. Also, your realtor will likely advertise in the newspaper, direct mail or with an open house.

These methods will all generate interest in your home and showings will be setup. Before you show your home, you want to make sure your home is uncluttered and tidy. More information is available about preparing your home to sell here. You will also want to follow these steps to ensure your showings are smooth:

  • If you are at home while it is being shown, try to busy yourself and your family outside or away from the potential buyer. It is distracting to them if too many people are present.
  • Keep background noise like radio and television down so that the real estate agent and the buyer can hear each other. Chatting with the buyer may also be distracting.
  • Keep pets contained or outside while your house is being shown. Some potential buyers may be intimidated by your pets.
  • Leave price and terms for your agent to handle. Do not discuss them with the potential buyer or their agent.