Solar Power coming for Naples city property?

Solar Panels

Naples City Council is considering a solar project that was proposed for city property. It would be a public and private partnership agreement giving the city lower energy costs in the future. One of the options is to build a 500 kilowatt solar panel system at the city’s water treatment plant. This would create a sustainable, renewable, clean energy source for the city where it consumes most of it’s energy.

So far Florida Power & Light has shown resistance to the idea of Solar Power in Naples. The costs of the project are not currently known yet, but the city is already looking for ways to raise money towards it through means of grants and stimulus money.

Rich Housh, the owner of Juice Technologies, LLC is the one who proposed this idea to the city. He says that if the city raises half of the money needed for the project, then he will pay for the second half of the costs.