Southwest Florida Miracle hits the news!

But it’s not what you might think.
Remember the Billy Donovan story from earlier this year? The coach of the two-time reigning NCAA basketball champion Florida Gators decided it was time to jump to the pros and signed a 5-year, 27.5 million dollar contract with the Orlando Magic in early June. Apparently it all happened a little too fast. The next day Donovan began having second thoughts, and in a week’s time the contract was voided and he was back with the Gators.

Well, the Fort Myers Miracle single-A baseball team has just won Minor League Baseball’s inaugural Promotion of the Year Award for their ingenious “Salute to Billy Donovan Night.” From the Naples Daily News:

Fans could leave after three innings of the game and negotiate with a lawyer for something in return. Waffles were also sold at a concession stand.

The promotion edged out the Portland Beavers “Bob L. Head” contest by a slim margin in fan votes. Minor league baseball – nothing quite like it.
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