The Moorings Property Owner’s Association

The Moorings Property Owners Association



The Moorings Property Owners Association (MPOA) is a voluntary homeowners association located within the city of Naples, Florida.


Members of the association are residential homeowners in the neighborhood “The Moorings” which is approximately 730 acres excluding lakes and waterways and extends from Binnacle Dr. on the north, to just south of Spring Line Dr., and from the Gulf of Mexico on the west to US 41 on the east.  There are approx. 875 single family homes, and 82 condo buildings totaling over 4,000 residential units.


The purpose of the association includes:

  • the ownership, operation and maintenance of Moorings Beach Park
  • the promotion of the physical, civic and social welfare of the residents of The Moorings
  • the preservation of the beauty of The Moorings and the encouragement in the physical improvement of the quality of the maintenance of properties within The Moorings
  • participation in activities designed to improve and maintain the conservation and ecology of The Moorings
  • the promotion of the safety and ecology of the waterway and bays adjacent to The Moorings


The affairs of the association are guided by a Board of Governors who serve voluntarily for a term of 3 years.  The Board meets monthly from October to May, and meetings are open to members of the association.



Membership Benefits


  • Exclusive beach park parking privileges with easy and convenient access to the beach


  • Access to MPOA beach park events and meetings


  • Ability to sponsor and host parties and events with the exclusive use of our Chickee Hut


  • News and updates on topics affecting our neighborhood and the City of Naples

Annual Dues

Annual membership dues are $55. MPOA membership runs on a calendar year basis from January 1st – December 31st.

NEW members are required to pay a one-time new member fee of $100.

Annual guest passes may be purchased for an additional $55, (limit one per membership per year). An annual dues reminder is sent to all Moorings property owners in November of each year, along with a self-addressed envelope for easy payment.



Introducing the GOLD Membership Beach Sticker

Gold Memberships have been available for many years to residents donating $1,000 or more to the MPOA. Once you become a GOLD member, paying annual dues is no longer necessary. Additionally GOLD members will receive gold-colored beach sticker for their car.

If you would like to make a donation of $1,000 or more, please indicate on the dues envelope. Your donation will be used for the ongoing maintenance and beautification of the Moorings’ crown jewel – the Moorings Beach Park.







Moorings Property Owners Association

PO BOX 8961

Naples, FL 34101