Tips for selling a home in the summer in Naples, FL

If you are selling your Naples home but are thinking about waiting until the winter season, there are some good reasons not to wait. Here are some tips for selling a home in the summer in Southwest Florida.

Because a lot of residents in the Naples area are only here part-time, there can be a lot less product available after they head back home. However, snowbirds aren’t the only buyers, and the Southwest Florida region is becoming more popular with year-round residents. Even if your home is located in an area that is populated mainly with snowbirds, it is still possible to sell your home in the summer.

Selling a home in summer

Stand out from the crowd

Because there are fewer people around and a smaller number of houses for sale, it’s possible for your home to get the attention that it deserves. Our team understands the cyclical nature of Florida real estate and we know how to navigate the ebbs and flows of market activity to your advantage. If someone is in need of a home, and most everyone else is gone for the summer, your home will stand out!

A small supply of available homes benefits sellers

Many people are on a time-schedule when they are shopping for a home, and they can’t really wait around until winter when the inventory builds up again. If your home is ready for sale now, there really isn’t any reason to wait to bring it to market. Listing your home in Florida in the summer may not get you the number of interested buyers that you may receive in the winter, but it may produce a small number of motivated buyers who want to move now.

Let’s talk about the possibility of summer sales and see if it’s an option that’s right for you. You may be surprised at the outcome! Contact Realtor Larry Roorda to help you sell your home.