Top 8 Features Buyers Look for in Naples Beach Front Condos

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Top 8 Features Buyers Look for in Naples Beach Front Condos

Naples, Fla., was chosen the best place to live in for 2016, is rated among the safest cities in the country and it is said to have, statistically, the happiest residents. With those superlatives in mind and the city’s location on Florida’s southwestern coast, it comes as no surprise that the real estate market in the area is thriving. However, here, as everywhere else, buyers have their own selection criteria when looking at properties. A condominium on the beach front is always popular among buyers, but other factors make properties attractive to condo buyers, too.

The Most Appreciated Features for Beach Front Condos in Naples

  1. Distance to the beach – Even when the condominium development is located close to the beach, buyers want to know how much time it will take them to put their blankets on the sand. Beach and water access affects a condo’s price and its allure.
  2. Condo characteristics – Condos, just like houses, are bought with long-term interests in mind. No matter if buyers plan to live there the rest of their lives or use it as an occasional get-away, they will want space, light, comfort and convenience or at least the chance to create all these. Naturally, these characteristics influence salability in the market.
  3. Building characteristics – Condominium owners appreciate newly built, well-insulated buildings in which they can enjoy high comfort, low maintenance fees and low utility bills.
  4. Amenities – One of the most important reasons buyers prefer condos over houses are the property’s amenities. Developments with pools, clubhouses, children playgrounds, guarded parking lots, entertainment rooms and fitness centers will receive more market attention than those that don’t.
  5. Proximity to points of interest – Location is important in real estate and buyers want to be close to the beach, their workplaces, their children’s schools, shopping centers, hospitals, parks and entertainment centers.
  6. Community characteristics – Buyers prefer to be surrounded by people of a similar age, with similar interest and lifestyles. That is why families with children will avoid developments where most residents are students or elderly, and retirees will avoid noisy communities with young children or loud parties.
  7. Community ties, common activities and events – Naples offers events, projects and celebrations involving the entire community. Neighbors help one another, gather together to celebrate or work together to improve the city or their neighborhood.
  8. Profit opportunities – Even though most transactions involve buyers looking for a place to live, there are also buyers who consider leasing or reselling condominiums. In the Naples market, buyers are reassured that if they must resell the condo, they will recover more than their initial investment.

In order to have access to the largest selection of beach-front condos in Naples, most buyers choose to work with local real estate agents or condominium developers themselves. Naples is well-run, safe city whose residents are happier and healthier than people in other parts of the country. Its location on the Gulf Coast and many condominium developments on the beach front make it a real estate market that maintains and improves property values.