Treviso Bay Purchase

Lennar Corporation, a local developer has bought the development Treviso Bay at auction.  Lennar Corporation is developing other communities in Southwest Florida, including Heritage Bay Golf & Country Club.  Although there has been no talk about the changes that will be made in developing Treviso Bay, some expect homes to be much smaller and less expensive.  The clubhouse will also be less grandiose than the original 74,000 square foot layout that was never completed.

The transfer of Treviso Bay to Lennar Corporation is ironic because Lennar wanted to purchase the land when it was on the market before the developer Vincent Kuttemperoor outbid them for the property.

Treviso Bay is a luxury golf course development having the only PGA Tour Tournament Players’ Club in Southwest Florida.  Since the new ownership, Treviso Bay has seen subtle changes such as being spruced up and a new sales center will be open soon.  A sign out front will show Lennar’s name and say “opening this fall” and will also encourage buyers to register for more information at