Very important information regarding windstorm insurance

It has come to my attention that in the last few weeks three separate friends/clients who are required to have Windstorm Insurance, and are insured by Citizens, State Farm and others, have the ability to have their homes inspected by a licensed Florida General Contractor, who by completing an State provided affidavit as to the type on construction etc, can save the homeowner thousands in Windstorm Premiums. This has been verified by Lutgert Insurance and a State Farm Agent with whom I spoke.

If you or anyone you know falls into this category I would suggest you mention this to them and have them investigate. It is my understanding the way it works currently, every home is at the height of the windstorm premium, and once they have they home inspected and the proper paperwork completed, most are seeing savings of $2,500. annually.

Most Insurance Companies do not go out of their way to disclose this. I have been given the name of a recommended inspector by Lutgert Insurance, however I have not personally met this gentleman, but do understand he has been successful in these efforts. I have been told the fee for such an inspection is $250. if there is a savings to be had. If not, I believe there is no fee.

The gentleman’s name is Bob Molloy with Windstorm Inspections, 8805 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 238, Naples, FL 34108. 239-732-5614. His e-mail is

Please understand this is not an endorsement on my behalf, but if something you feel of value, I would investigate by checking with your insurance carrier.