3 Things To Consider When Looking at Condo Amenities

3 Things To Consider When Looking at Condo Amenities

As buyers begin the search for a perfect beachfront condo, many people start to notice the wide array of amenities that many properties offer. At times, the list of amenities can be overwhelming, in both what is offered and what a buyer is looking for. For those looking at beach front condos in Naples, here is a list of three things to think about to help narrow down the search.

1. Compare and Contrast

Often, buyers find themselves gravitating towards one or two properties and find it hard to decide which one they want to purchase. If floor plans and the location are similar enough, it often helps to compare and contrast the amenities that each property offers. This can include looking at the association dues that are tied to each location, the quality or upkeep of the common spaces, and how welcome current residents seem to feel in using the amenities.

2. Take Note of What Is Appealing

For some locations, the list of amenities is long and impressive, yet many prospective buyers will take a step back to look at which ones they see themselves using. Avid swimmers may find themselves using the pool and the beach for their recreation. People interested in fitness may consider the gym or tennis courts to be the most important aspect of the list. Others may find the practical offerings, such as laundry, parking, storage, and security as the most notable offerings included in a property. The best thing a buyer can do is figure out what amenities they look forward to having, and find a location that fits their needs.

3. Consider The Busy Times Of Day

Some properties will have common spaces and activities that are more popular with residents during certain times of the day, week, or year. The laundry facilities may be extremely busy on the weekends or evenings, the pool may be extra popular on the hottest days of the year, and the gym may be very active in the early mornings or the evenings. Many people find that they will enjoy these spaces less if the time that they plan to use it also happen to be the busiest part of the day. For some people, they find that they appreciate the amenities the most when their schedule lines up with off-peak hours.


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