Gulf Coast Living Is a Desirable Choice

Gulf Coast Living Is a Desirable Choice

For numerous working people, particularly those who live in northern climates and suffer through long, grey winters, the dream of enjoying life in a warm and sunny locale adjacent to a beautiful body of water is a very real desire. Whether that dream involves a seasonal getaway experience or a permanent change of lifestyle after retirement, some of the best options include Gulf Coast cities.

A Perennial Favorite

Condominium selling in Naples, Florida has enjoyed a brisk history. Naples, itself, is a delightful destination, perfectly located on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico. The city, with a population that hovers around 20,000, is a jewel. Interesting people, a variety of housing options, world-class shopping, nearby beaches and island destinations including Sanibel and Captiva, the Everglades to the south and almost endless opportunities for fun on the water — these are primary attractions.

Add in the variety of superb restaurants and friendly beach bars, lively entertainment, a cultural and arts scene to delight a variety of patrons and Naples does, indeed, seem perfect. It is just across the lower tip of Florida from Miami and Fort Lauderdate, easily accessible by highway that cuts across pristine tropical forest and wildlife preserves. It is also just up the coast from Key West, that iconic headquarters of Jimmy Buffett-style fun and sun. And for celebrations of every kind, from pirate days to sailing regattas, from sports events to deep sea fishing competition, residents are perfectly positioned for the active life. Golf on the Gulf Coast is a huge draw, but doing nothing satisfies as well.


The Good Life

The history of this sophisticated little city stems from agriculture, but its lifestyle today centers on the water — and living the good life in beautiful surroundings. Owning a condominium in Naples can provide a place to renew and recharge to escape from business-related stress, to enjoy a quiet vacation with friends and family, or to settle in to a lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. Included on the list of U.S. News and World Report’s “10 Best Undervalued Places to Live,” Naples real estate and condominium projects also represent sound investments.

Even if the initial reason for choosing Naples is for temporary satisfaction, seafaring folk and landlubbers alike agree that it is a place of special character and delight, a good place to come home to — a great city to call home.