How to Offer Great Customer Service When Selling a Condo in Naples

Offering Great Customer Service When Selling a Condo in Naples

The age of “the customer’s always right” has been in decline in recent years, and more people have come to expect poor service across a broad range of businesses than ever before. It’s why so many companies have begun to push harder for excellent client interaction.

In the world of real estate, which is a hands-on partnership with the people the realtor is serving, it is the key to successful selling. How to do that in this day and age remains the same as always with a tighter focus on consistency and ways to reach across the miles via the Internet to give that feeling of personal service that helps set the people business of real estate apart from other industries.

Common courtesy and a friendly manner
Accessibility and approachability are two things many customers appreciate in their realtors. For many, this will be their first foray into home ownership, which makes selling a condo in Naples even more of a unique challenge. When putting a potential buyer into a new home for the first time, exuding a welcoming style creates a rapport with those individuals and makes a huge and positive impact on them.

Great communication and listening skills
Returning phone calls, emails and initiating conversation promptly is a huge bonus and something clients need. The whole process has certain intricacies that shift and change as it moves forward so that keeping the homeowner informed of how things are going with the buying or selling of a condo in Naples makes them feel included.

This can be hard to do if that person is not in the area. Many investors and potential buyers are looking at Naples for seasonal homes, so they are not on site and are trusting the real estate agent to act as their representative in their absence as well as getting them frequent updates on progress and any issues as they arise.

As hard as it may be to call or email someone with bad or difficult news, it’s important for the realtor to reach out to their client immediately should that be the case. This helps to ensure that it can be addressed promptly on their behalf and with their approval. That transparence will make the client feel confident in the agent’s ability to deal with whatever is going on.

Sharing expertise provides a level comfort
Homeowners are counting on the real estate agent to be the smartest person in the room and guide them through the ins and outs of a process that is detailed and life changing. Taking the time to educate clients and share that expertise so that they can benefit from it creates a level of respect and appreciation for the realtor that boosts their confidence as well as that of the buyer or seller.

This goes a long way towards creating a relationship that will keep building in the future so that when that same owner is looking to invest in more property, move out of their current home or is simply recommending services to colleagues or friends, that agent will be top of mind as someone who knows their stuff and is generous with sharing it.