Myths about Selling a Condo in Naples

Myths about Selling a Condo in Naples

For whatever reason, more and more people feel they are experts in the field of real estate and can handle anything that comes their way when selling a condo in Naples. Purchasing and offering a home in the right way is no small task, however. Before any potential homeowner or seller dives in, there are some misconceptions that are best laid to rest.

Doing renovations are necessary to make a sale
This is part of the old adage that it takes money to make money. While that may be true in some cases, it is not necessarily the case with renovations to a house or condo unit. Certain basic repairs may be needed to get things in top shape to appease and attract potential buyers and some upgrades can increase the value of a home, but it is unlikely the cost of such will be recovered with the sale.

Also, those large projects meant to heighten a home’s appeal are based on what the current homeowner feels will make the unit or house more attractive, not what a potential buyer has requested. Beyond what is absolutely essential to get a home in order for a sale, it’s wise to allow the next resident to take on whatever grander vision they may have when they take ownership.

There is a right season to list
Back in the day when families were the biggest buyers of homes, late spring and summer were considered the busiest times for home selling. Because the Southwest Florida region now appeals to retirees and younger buyers, winter and autumn are just as good a time for selling a condo in Naples as any. Whenever the seller feels it’s right, that’s when they should put it on the market.

For Sale by Owner saves money
Because of the intricacies of real estate dealings, many buyers don’t believe homeowner sellers understand how to handle the paperwork, legalities and more. A savvy professional mind will end up gaining more money for a sale than they had anticipated as well as lowering the stress level, simply because these pros know how to navigate this tricky landscape.

Set the price higher than expected
Setting a price beyond what the market for similar properties in the area will bear means buyers won’t bite and the property will, potentially, stay open far longer than purchasers trust. If a home’s been on the market for 3 weeks or more, the possibility of a sale goes down exponentially. This means the price will most likely have to be lowered below what the homeowner had hoped and will cause them to settle.

Open houses are instrumental for the sale of a property
There are a lot of people who are just looking at these events, which means the opportunity to engage the serious seller can be missed. It prohibits good one-on-one discussion that not only allows the current homeowner to talk up the highlights but take on a more personal touch with the sell. Also, when a realtor is accompanying a potential buyer, it means they probably have a letter of pre-approval already in hand and moving forward is going to come easier and faster.

Selling any home is a big step as is buying one. Professional advice will go a long way towards ensuring the whole process goes smoothly and all parties can overcome any reticence with knowledge.