Hurricane Planning Part 2: Evacuation Procedure

Creating a disaster supply kit is an easy way to get a leg up on hurricane season, but there are several other areas in which pre-planning is advantageous. It is very important to have a good evacuation strategy in place before a disaster approaches.

First, decide what storm intensity necessitates evacuation. Check out a comprehensive hurricane rating scale and do some research to determine what kind of winds your home can withstand. Since Naples is a coastal area and prone to storm surge, you should be aware of how far above sea level your property is.

Having a definite storm intensity level in mind beforehand will make the final evacuation decision much quicker. Have a preplanned evacuation route and procedure to follow, and leave as soon as possible to beat the rush. If you do not want to leave the Naples area, there are many shelters available. Click here for a map of shelters and evacuation routes.

Decide what you will do with pets. If you plan to leave them at home they will need an adequate supply of food and water for several days. For information about sheltering your pet, check out

Finally, though talk of evacuation and shelters can sound dire, realize that Collier County has rarely been seriously affected by major hurricanes. Prior to Wilma in 2005 (which caused little structural damage in Naples), one must go back to 1960 and Hurricane Donna to find a direct hit. Though there have been many significant storms in the Gulf of Mexico area over the years, Naples has consistently been among the safer Florida locations.

Out next topic will be securing home and property during a hurricane.
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