Park Shore Voluntary HOA

The Park Shore Association is a voluntary homeowners association located within the City of Naples. They are the largest homeowner’s association in the City. Park Shore was originally platted by The Lutgert Companies.


Plats 1, 3 and 4 consist largely of single-family homes and mid-rise condominiums. Plats 2 and 5 have high-rise condominiums on the west side of Gulf Shore Boulevard as well as a mix of homes and mid-rise condos overlooking Venetian Bay.

In total there are more than 600 single-family homes, 25 high-rise condos, many mid-rise condos and commercial real estate property that make up Park Shore.


The association hosts various events throughout the year, including their annual Spring-Fling and Easter Egg Hunt, at Raymond Lutgert Beach Park.


Currently the association is working on a tree planting program. The Urban Forest Tree Plan is widely supported by City residents and is an element of the City’s 10-Year Vision Plan. A major goal of the Vision Plan is to preserve the City’s distinctive character and culture and make Naples the green jewel of southwest Florida.


If you would like further information or have any questions regarding the Park Shore Association please go to their website at or call (239) 498-3232.