Solar Cooking: Better than a sunburn…

Year-round sunny weather is certainly one of Naples’ drawing points. But as comfortable and welcome as that sunshine can be during the winter months, a clear blue afternoon in August means one thing: heat! Now the traditional Naples strategy for combating sweltering summers may be an afternoon at the beach, but we all know you can’t do that day in and day out (or is that a challenge…).

In any case, wouldn’t it be nice to harness the abundant energy of the sun in a useful way at home? An article in the Wall Street Journal Guide to Property provides at least one interesting suggestion: solar cooking (yes, we are ignoring the clothesline idea).

Basic cookers are apparently running pretty cheap these days, and the sun tends to charge reasonable fees. For a family with kids, solar cooking could be a tasty experiment that fits well under the guise of education. Even without children at home, a solar-cooked dish at a party is bound to be a good conversation topic. Who knows – with Southwest Florida weather conditions you may even decide to make solar cooking a regular family event!

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