Tips on choosing a Realtor

When buying or selling real estate, choosing a Realtor is an important first step. It’s important to have an experienced Realtor you can trust. Make sure the Realtor has experience in the industry as well as extensive knowledge of the area where you are buying or selling a home.

Property sales are complex transactions, and it’s crucial that the person managing them knows what they are doing. While you probably know a few people who have a real estate license, there’s a difference between someone who makes a sale every now and someone who is highly experienced in the field.

A skilled and respected Realtor will help you sell your home faster, and with fewer hiccups in the process. They can also help you get a better price, whether you’re buying or selling.

Choosing a Realtor

Here are some things to consider when choosing a Realtor.

Consistent Success

You’ll do better if you choose a Realtor who has consistently been successful, particularly with clients with similar properties or financial profiles to you. The longer your agent has been in the business, the more experience they’ve gained.

Local Experience

It’s important that the Realtor you choose is familiar with the area where you’re buying or selling. Each neighborhood is different, and knowledge of local factors can help you find the perfect property.

Personal Touch

It’s also important that your Realtor is able to address the specifics of your situation and is going to give you the time and support that you deserve. While it’s important that your Realtor is experienced and has a solid client base, you also need to make sure they are able to take enough time to really deliver for those clients.

Larry Roorda is an experienced and respected Realtor based in Naples, FL, and has vast experience in buying and selling waterfront condos. He has unique local knowledge of Park Shore and The Moorings. He has worked in the business for more than 30 years, and his passion for real estate still burns bright. Call Larry at 239-860-2534.