Top 3 Kids Activities in Naples, Florida

Whether Naples is your year-round home or just home for the winter, you know what you enjoy and find interest in, but what happens when you get visitors? More specifically, what happens when the grandkids show up, where will you take them?

Here are three ideas to keep those kids busy so they’ll be worn out by the end of the day! Worn out kids = a full nights sleep! Sounds like a win, win situation to us!

1. Sun-N-Fun Water Lagoon 

Over a million gallons of water run through this park. Roar down one of five water slides. Gather under the cool water falls and then relax with your family as you float down the lazy river together. With a concession stand, music and four giant pools, this will be an all day adventure that those kids will love!

2. Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (CMON) 

The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples is a 30,000-square-foot family museum that features a dozen kid-friendly exhibit galleries with thousands of interactive activities. Your family can take foreign adventures to places like Germany and Thailand and then move on to being a meteorologist or veterinarian. Let your imagination run wild!

3. Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens 

As one of the original attractions in Naples, this zoo is near and dear to the locals. Mesmerize the kids with lions, panthers, and zebras. And then take a peaceful ride on the ‘monkey boats’ to view monkeys on their habitat islands. This zoo is a certified botanical garden also so while the kids are checking out the tigers, read about the native (and not so native) plants to Southwest Florida.