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Archive for July 2009

Collier Beaches

The future of Collier beaches looks to be a good one. Last year a record 14.5 million was brought in through taxes generated by tourism, which could be a good sign for the Future of Collier County Beaches. This year’s number came in at $13 million from the taxes, which is lower but should increase…

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Bonita Bay Group

Allegations have been brought up by some of its members that the Bonita Bay group may have been using a Ponzi scheme with the membership fees and the Attorney General’s Office is now involved in an investigation. The allegations have been made because members believe that the company was only able to pay out refunds…

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Naples Dog Park

Local residents of Naples are working together to try and convince the city that a second off-leash dog park is needed for their pets to play freely. This movement was sparked by a group of people who had been previously meeting at Gulfview Middle School on Sunday mornings every Sunday for over a year. The…

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June Sales Continue Increase for Naples

The overall pending sales for the last year ending in June 2009 have increased 69% over the previous year. Median prices have fallen in the previous year, but seem to be steadying. This report was put out by NABOR last week, as well as the report for the second quarter of the year. The steady…

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Alligator Alley: Toll Increase

While Alligator Alley has been previously unable to obtain bidders to lease the road, there may still be a toll increase without new management. The law requires tolls to be raised to keep in line with inflation every 1-5 years. In 2008, there was a proposal to increase the rate for $2.50 to $3.75 but…

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Cameras added to Collier intersections

The first two red-light cameras just finished their first month of citations in Collier County and now 10 more are planning to be installed. These cameras will be ready to go by early August at the latest, as it only takes weeks to install and setup them up. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office approved 252…

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