Why hire a Realtor to sell your Naples condo

You may wonder why you should hire a Realtor to sell your Naples condo. By selling it yourself, you think, you can save the commission. After all, how difficult can it be?

It can be very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Selling a condominium involves more than just putting up a for sale notice on the community bulletin board or website.

Do you know how much you should list it for? What’s the market value and comps in the area? What paperwork needs filled out and where do you file it? What does it cost?

Although you may think you will save some money by selling your condo on your own, if you get something wrong, it can cost you a great deal more in the long run.

Hire a Realtor to sell your waterfront Naples condo like these at Admiralty PointThere is a great deal of work that goes into selling a home. It is a big decision and it’s an important financial contract you will be signing. If you hire an experienced Realtor, you know everything will be done right.

Benefits when you hire a Realtor

A Realtor can help you determine the value of your condominium to help you set the asking price. You don’t want to list it too low but you don’t want it so high that people don’t look at it.

When you hire a Realtor you will likely get a higher price and sell your home quicker.

You probably know many Realtors but you should choose one you know has the experience you need to get top dollar for your home. Professionals keep up on the market trends and know what inventory is available.

If you hire the right Realtor, your home will get a great deal of exposure. You want your Realtor to work hard on marketing your home to prospective buyers. Consider what type of marketing they put behind selling a property. Do they go the extra mile? Do they print sale information on their home printer or do their listings look polished and professional?

A Realtor will also know how to handle all the little details that make a big difference. They can guide you through the process and make sure all the paperwork is filled out and filed correctly. It’s also a good idea to find a Realtor who is experienced in the area where you are selling your condo.

For example, Larry Roorda Realtor, specializes in The Moorings and Park Shore areas so he has extensive knowledge that can benefit sellers in those communities. His listings get a great deal of exposure through print and digital advertising. His marketing materials convey a luxury brand that benefits sellers.

If you have a waterfront or beachfront condominium in The Moorings or Park Shore areas that you are considering selling, contact Larry Roorda Realtor at 239-860-2534. SEE HOW HE MARKETS HIS LISTINGS.